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In a world inundated with technology, the smartest decision your business can make is to invest in a great website. BGG Pixel approaches the web in unique ways ways that impact your customers and deliver tangible benefits to your business.

Our Work
Centaur Insurance Services
Centaur Insurance Services is a risk management agency specializing in heavy construction. Having zero web presence for almost a decade, Centaur wanted to step their growth up a notch. BGG Pixel designed a website from the ground-up, opening up the possibilities for Centaur to gain business and take payments through the web.
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Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill
Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill is an award-winning Richmond law firm specializing in commercial and complex litigation, intellectual property law, bankruptcy, and more. BGG Pixel worked with the firm to develop a new logo and website.
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JenCap Holdings
JenCap Holdings is a new wholesale insurance distribution platform funded by the Carlyle Group. BGG Pixel has worked with JenCap since its inception, helping develop a full-fledged online platform.
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HARP (Trivedi-Capacity Associates)
HARP, a member of Trivedi-Capacity Associates and the JenCap family of companies, is known for its cutting-edge insurance solutions for niche market segments. BGG helped HARP reach a worldwide audience and grow at breakneck speed.
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Declaration Brokerage
Declaration Brokerage is an innovative insurance company, aimed at developing a network of small insurance agencies along the Atlantic Coast. BGG Pixel worked to make sure Declaration's website would target both prospective insurance agencies and existing policyholders.
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Soar Staffing
Soar Staffing, a New York based executive recruiting firm, had a brand identity that presented an incomplete message. BGG Pixel proposed a totally rethought brand experience, stemming from a new logo to a redesigned website and business stationery.
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